Harvey Nichols Puts on the Glitz for Fashion Week

Harvey Nichols gets all spruced up for London Fashion Week. I enjoyed chatting with the folks putting together the window displays as I passed.

Photo by Kari from a moving bus

Decorating Harvey Nichols Window
Decorating H. Nichols Window

I've always been fascinated by window displays, especially creative, fun displays. And that's exactly what this was....creative and fun mixed with lots of pizazz.

Harvey Nichols Doorman Tim
Tim the Doorman

Maybe the metal reminded me of my college art class when I enjoyed brazing sculptures...or maybe it reminded me of the various projects going on in our garage by our children, such as molded hands, iron wall brackets, and various welded and forged hooks, etc.

Harvey Nichols Raw Hem Dress
Raw Hem Dress

Metal lends itself to creativity and I like that. I often find myself picking nice bendable metal wire out of our trash can....stuff my husband, Mark, sees no use for. But my imagination doesn't stop....it thinks of many uses, mostly artsy ones, not many practical.

Harvey Nichols Window
Harvey Nichols Window

Speaking of metal I once rescued some copper wire being tossed out and stuck it into our old barn lighting rods (which have been removed and now poking amongst my perennials). The combination makes for a whimsical display.

Harvey Nichols Window Decorators
London Window Decorators

Also, fashion has excited me. As a young girl I designed many of my own clothes and made almost all of them, some from my mother's old quilted circle skirts. I enjoy trying new things and recently made a lovely long coat out of tapestry upholstery fabric with matching bag....many comments on that one.

London fashion week Harvey Nichols
Fashion Week Harvey N.

My stroll down Knightsbridge included buying a banana clip at Head Gardener and finally taking off my tortuous spike heeled boots on some side steps of Holy Trinity Brompton.

Putting gold dots on harvey nichols window
Putting on Gold Dots

Tim, the doorman for Harvey Nichols proved to be a very friendly fellow and allowed me to take his photograph...thanks, Tim.

London Fashion Week Display
London Fashion Week Display

The workers on this window display were very busy, even pressured as they worked, but cordially allowed me to photograph them in their various positions of adding gold polka dots and various other types of decorations inside and outside the windows.

Harvey Nichols Window Designer
London Window Designer

I love seeing works like this in progress....think of all the steps involved in putting something like this together. Just look at how many people it takes to put this together.

Harvey Nichols Metal Window Display
London Metal Window Display

Maybe next time I'll take time to check out the inside of Harvey Nichols, but take no offense...neither did I grace the inside of Harrods down the street. I found the phrase "Anything is Possible" on Harrod's window display very inspiring.

Harvey Nichols Fashion
London Fashion

So, with pinched, blistered feet I was still able to enjoy this elaborate, exciting window display. If I ever need windows dressed for an occasion, I hope I can find folks just as creative.

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