Green Pajamas Clothe the Andersons at Anderwood

Green Pajamas.....Yes, mother found the deal of the season last spring during winter closeouts at Elder-Beerman and snatched up eight matching green pajamas for us.

So, when is there going to be a style show? Umm, we'll have to work on that or maybe you can just catch us all some early morning at the breakfast table while we're eating dad's famous whole wheat pancakes.

Right. Well, we used to all be at the early morning breakfast table. Those were the days!

Dad has super recipes, by the way....check them out.

Here's a photo of our popular Sunday Pancake. The photo was snapped a little too late, however, because the puffiness has somewhat fallen....but yum, very tasty with lemon juice and powdered sugar.

Sunday Pancake
Sunday Pancake

And here it is on our new winter plates. Mom is quite a bargain hunter and snatched up this perfect 48 piece set at Salvation Army for only $12.00!

Sunday Pancake Served
Sunday Pancake Served

We happened to all be home for Christmas this year...sort of unusual for us. Other years someone has been in Israel, Turkey or Korea or beyond. So, on Christmas day we followed our newly developing habit of going to a movie. This year it was "National Treasure 2". Even though it was sort of a close repetition with different details to the first one, we are now wondering if there really are two matching resolute desks, and if there really are secret tunnels under Mt. Vernon. We're pretty sure there's no City of Gold under Mt. Rushmore.

And we were all very happy that Andrew and Ethan are finally college graduates. They've taken a brief pause in their world travels to buckle down and get that task completed...Yeah!!!

Both business majors. Ok, guys, let's see these businesses now.

Andrew and Ethan Graduate
Matt, Ethan, John & Andrew

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