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Heidelberg Castle Doors

Castles always have fascinating doors and Heidelberg castle doors will not disappoint.

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Where has Kari Anderson Buzzed off to Visit?

Join Kari Anderson as she shares her varied travel adventures from the Arctic top of the world to Asia and beyond.

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Globe Hoppers 6 Continents 88 Countries 11 Iowans 1 Family

Globe Hoppers brings global travel to you with our personal adventurous family trip experiences.

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Vasco Da Gama memorabilia in Lisbon.

Vasco da Gama memorabilia in Lisbon and Portuguese photos.

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JohnErik in Lisbon

Johnerik in Lisbon, on assignment from Mossad to return the priceless Allah Pearl to its rightful owner.

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Vasco da Gama count of Vidigueira Museum

Vasco da Gama was made count of Vidigueira by a royal decree issued in √Čvora on December 29, 1519.

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Lisbon Photos including Vasco Da Gama

Lisbon photos including Vasco Da Gama history.

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Sines Portual, birthplace of Vasco Da Gama

The city that Vasco Da Gama grew up in. See the views, bike race, church he built.

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Muscatine Iowa --Come and Stay Awhile

Muscatine Iowa is one of those "best kept secrets" know the kind you really don't want to tell anyone about because they might spoil the magic?

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Globe Hoppers Links and Resources

Globe Hoppers links and resources including other great family websites.

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Two Muscatine Golf Courses To Enjoy

Two choices for golfing in Muscatine, Iowa. Muscatine golf offers the right choice for your style of living.

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Oseberg Queen Exhumed for Testing

The Famous Oseberg Ship in Norway is once again in the news. The "Queen" has been exhumed and will undergo tests to determine if the other lady was a murdered slave or possibly a daughter.

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Holy Trinity Brompton Knightsbridge London

Holy Trinity Brompton is the home of the successful evangelical Bible Study couse called, Alpha. Holy Trinity Brompton is in the upscale Knightsbridge area of Londn....near Harrods department store.

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Great Wall of China

Visit the Great Wall of China with me.....and find out how I occupy myself while waiting for my teenagers to explore on their own....great wall, great story.

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Boogie Boarding on the Gold Coast

At last, I found my sport! Boogie boarding is not only fun it's easy! Even if you're not the sporty type....give boogie boarding a try.

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Share Your Family Trips Here with Your Best Photos

Now, a place to share your family trips, mission trips, etc, along with your favorite photos. Display and tel about your family trips.

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Malawi Tropical Storm - How Much Damage Can One Do?

A single Malawi tropical storm can greatly damage a village.

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Travel to Turkey and Visit Cappadocia

Travel to Turkey and be sure to see Cappadocia where ancient history breatheay living.s through everyday life.

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Texas BlueBonnets Wow!

Wow, Texas bluebonnets! What a thrilling sight. Lady Bird would be proud to see her wildflower efforts paying off so nicely. Oh, but watch out for rattlesnakes!

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Interesting Facts About England - News & Add Your Own

Join the fun in reading interesting facts about England, catching up on the latest British news or adding your own take on the green isle.

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Bahrain Culture & News

Experience Bahrain culture and read current news items. Even though this kingdom is miniscule, it's a "happening" place.

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Ilons Wonderland in Haapsalu, Estonia

On a small insignificant street in Haapsalu, Estonia, lies a wonderland, Ilons Wonderland, a place for children to appreciate the art of Ilon Wikland.

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Art of Ilon Wikland - Estonian Illustrator

Aspiring to be an illustrator? Let the art work of Ilon Wikland, Haapsalu, Estonia inspire you.

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Our fun, magical farm, Anderwood, where we live, like no place on earth. Aerial view taken by Sarah. John, our young army lieutenant, named our farm from

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Malawi Safe Drinking Water?

Is there such a thing as Malawi safe drinking water?

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Jordan Highlights

Jordan highlights with Sarah and friends.

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Israel with Sarah and Friends

Highlights of a trip to Israel with Sarah, my youngest daughter and friends.

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Globe Hopper Blogs - Movers & Shakers

Globe Hopper Blogs...a growing list of movers and, friends and relatives and their moving and shaking blogs.

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Rev River Riders and TriopoloAndrewOnicus

Andrew & Rev River Riders with TriopoloAndrewOnicus No visit is complete to AnderWood without am evening to pay homage to the TriopolAndrewOnicus in

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Head Gardener...You Grow It, We Mow It! Hair Salon in Knightbridge, London.

Head Gardener Salon on Knightsbridge, London dispels any myth about uptown snobbery. Here's my personal visit.

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Harvey Nichols Gets Fancied Up for Fashion Week

See photos of a new window display at Harvey Nichols, a large, famous London department store during Fashion Week.

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Dancing House in Prague by Frank Gehry

Photo series of the dancing house in Prague by the Vlatava River.

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Burj Dubai Pictures

Burj Dubai pictures and a short video of the tallest building in the world.

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Atlantis Aquarium The Palm

Atlantis aquarium the palm in Dubai, UAE. A fantastic aquarium for all you aquarian lovers.

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Atlantis The Palm Hotel Dubai

Atlantis the Palm Hotel in Dubai opened September, 2008 with fantastic firework display, possibly the largest the world has ever witnessed.

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USA Interstate Highways

So....just why do we have so many USA interstate highways? Find out here!

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Vikings Mass Grave Found in England

What could have happened to these hundreds of vikings found in a mass grave in England. Will we ever really know. Vikings ruled England at one time...see their artifacts.

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A Red Hat Party at Adora Ose's Farm Near Echo, MN

My mom, Adora Ose had a wonderful lawn party this summer....a Red Hat party for her friends from Beliview, MN Red Hat Club...see and hear the fun.

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Jordan Travel Guide

Jordan is one of the most fascinating Middle Eastern countries. The people, the food, the history and culture all combine to make a very pleasing experience. Jordan travel guide will get you started.

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Photos and Stories from Istanbul, Turkey

In 2005, I came back from Istanbul with almost 50,000 photos, a big copper pot, and an annoying tendency to stand too close to people when talking with them.

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Dubai Creek -- Not Your Ordinary Creek

Dubai Creek is an experience,not just a place where water flows. If you don't take time to visit the creek when you're in've missed something special.

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Czech Republic Art by Primas Children

These delightful children's pictures are made by Michael and Vera Primas' children. Czech Republic Art by Primas Children.

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Cappadocia Archeology

View photos of Cappadocia archeology (archaeology) in Ihlara Valley.

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Burj Dubai Photos

More Burj Dubai photos by Kari and a short video of the world's tallest building.

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God Given UK Adventure

Has God ever given you direction through numbers? It's fun to uncover the hidden meaning and then on this UK adventure.

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Souqs in Bahrain

Souqs in Bahrain Where Culture and Lifestyle Blends with Trade

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Sod House in Minnesota A Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy a stay at a Sod House B & B in southern Minnesota.

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Links 2

More great international and USA links 2.

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Anna Anderson See the World Through Anna's Eyes

Anna Anderson sees the world with fresh eyes. Follow her updates as she travels to far away places.

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