Ginza, Tokyo, Japan Video

Ah, yes, Ginza! The name itself evokes strange oriental facades in one's mind. Yes, this is a fanciful part of Tokyo....the commercial mecca of Japan, perhaps...the Times Square of Tokyo.

Well, maybe you can't get to Tokyo this week, so I thought I would show you this video I took last fall. Mark will wave at you part way through, so if you get bored, just hang in there.

You might also enjoy other interesting tidbits about Japanese TV, for example.

Or perhaps you're wanting a clean, yet affordable place to stay in Tokyo.

Oh, you're a jewelry nut? I see, well, you'll want to check out Mikimoto's main place.

Into art and design? Let this humongous pearl necklace inspire you.'re into designing buildings? I see. Tokyo will not disappoint....believe me!

OK, so you're sick of big cities...."All the same," you say? Then head on over to Toba and research pearls and the pearl king, himself, Mikimoto, to your heart's content.

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Then head on over to Kari's main page after exploring Ginza and visit other fascinating places of this cool world with her.

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