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Geothermal Video -- Learn about this innovative system, which many homes and industries here in Muscatine use for heating and cooling.

This type of heating and cooling is an energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally clean method of home heating and cooling.

Just what is Geo Thermal? And what benefits does it provide for you the potential homeowner?

This type of heating and cooling system relates to the internal heat of the earth.

This type of heating and cooling operates on the principle that below the frost line the earth's temperature is constant and warmer or cooler than the outside air.

This heat difference can be captured via either a closed or open loop system of pipes and used to both heat and cool your home. The extra heat can be utilized to heat your water.

Pretty nifty, huh? We think so.

Three major components of this type of heating and cooling are a heat pump, a heat exchanger and a distribution system.

The local Power and Water here in Muscatine highly supports the equipping of local homes with this energy type. John Root, who is their energy services adviser, told us that large local corporations are also transferring over to this cost effective energy. And if large corporations are changing over to know it has got to be a money saver.

Take a few minutes to watch this informative video which explains the basics of Geo Thermal Heating and Cooling.


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