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Family trips...sure, you've taken trips....most families do. Now, here's a place to share your world-wide, local trips or mission trips.

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An old Norwegian proverb: "Those who travel have something to share."

When our seven children were young, we'd all get into the car and they'd be fussing and fighting, but as soon as we started driving....forward momentum....they quieted down.

We've found that to be a "key" to our family's happiness and purpose....forward momentum solves lots of problems.

Want to travel, but just can't swing it financially? Here are some of our tips on how to pay for family travel.

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Once I had a dream of a huge red bedspread and on top in brilliant satin embroidery were these words: "Visit Belgium in the Summertime!" couldn't be much clearer than that. Where to go and when to go. Two decisions that I often grapple over.

I decided to take Sarah, but the only trouble one of our passports was "in transit" after being renewed or some such thing....would it make it back to our mailbox in time for us to be in Belgium before summer ended?

After some calculations, I realized that the passport needed to be in our box on a certain date. (We were using stand-by travel vouchers, so buying tickets wasn't a scheduling problem.)

If it came by then, we'd go. Otherwise, it would need to wait until next summer.

BINGO! It arrived right on the last possible day and we threw out things together and headed for Belgium, arriving the very last day of summer.

A few years ago my mom and I (Anna) were taking a bus from the Israel/Jordan border to Amman. The bus was kind of full, and a large family took up a decent sized section. It had been a long time since we'd taken a 9-person family trip, and watching them brought back a lot of memories of being with all of my siblings in a 15-passenger van, driving cross-country.

Then, just as the family got up, moved to the back of the bus and began a Bible study, we stopped at a border patrol and my mom and I were pulled off the bus for having accidentally convinced a teen aged Israeli border guard that we did, indeed, have re-entry visas into Jordan.

It was not a small ordeal. After several meetings with officials of increasing rank, many cups of coffee and more hours later, we were back on the road, which is a story in itself.

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