by Kari
(Muscatine, Iowa)

Last week I lost my younger brother, Mike Ose. Death is never easy, especially when it comes prematurely to those we love.

As I sat alone in the hospital room with my brother's body moments after he was pronounced dead, I had a sense of eternity. A sense that rarely comes. And in a funny sort of way, I realized that my little brother had beaten me to heaven. We were so close in age that competition was a natural interchange between us, not so much in later years, but one is reminded of things from the past during life and death situations.

When my older sister entered the room, we held one another close with a new realization of the word, cherish. All I could think about was eternity. He was in heaven. He was really there now, in heaven. He no longer saw through glasses darkly, but face to face. He knew what heaven was like. He saw Jesus.

I was with my brother when he trusted in Jesus' redeeming power. Once we even slithered out of our traditional Lutheran church service and went to the Alliance service in town. We hungered for God and longed to experience Him in fresh ways.

So, in a silly, sort of "sister way", I envy my brother. Yes, he beat me to heaven, but I will see him again someday and life on this earth will then seem like a blink of an eye.

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Jun 17, 2009
His Presence
by: Diane

On the way home from North Memorial that night I felt Mike's presence with me all the way home. And it felt like he was telling me "I'm sorry, are you going to be OK". I could just hear him and that's what he would say. I am so glad that we have our faith and that we were raised in a Christian home. Like you said Kari, "Mike, our little brother beat us to heaven". He was kind of tricky that way. It was hard to go through the whole experience. One minute you think he's going to make it because he's strong and determined and the next minute it's a roller coaster ride. When Mike had his heart surgery about 3 years ago, I sat with him when the dr,'s would come in and explain the process. Mike asked them the important questions, and Mike as usual tried to make them comfortable and tell a few stories and light hearted jokes. I knew at that time Mike was ready if he needed to be and he had Love and his faith in God. Love You

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