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Crater Lake, Cerro Verde National Park, El Salvador
Crater Lake, Cerro Verde National Park, El Salvador

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It was always interesting to see the military police strolling up and down the Sonsonate Metro Centre with their semi-automatic shotguns. They were there, because they had to be, but that didn’t really stop them from having a good time. Sure seemed like they were all smiles. Almost every door was opened by an armed guard.

On the way to Sonsonate from the airport, we took the San Salvador highway. I noticed the crops--mainly coffee, beans and oilseed--were grown on the side of the steep hills. It seemed pretty difficult to work on so steep an edge, much less walk. The contrast was amazing to the moist black topsoil of eastern Iowa's cornfields.

Here's a Pupusa Recipe for easy-to-make El Salvadorian tortillas, filled with beans and/or small pieces of meat. Usually enjoyed with a heaping mountain of curtido--a colslaw that actually tastes good-- and flowing rivers of mild hot sauce. Bring Napkins. Makes about 4-5 pupusas


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