Dubai Creek is an Experience!

The charm of old Dubai can be felt at the Dubai Creek. Any visit to Dubai should include a trip to or on the creek. Time for a stroll would also be nice, on both sides, if you aren't rushed.

On one side you'll find ancient architecture and the "villages" of historic proportions with old houses to explore. If you're lucky you'll get invited for tea in the supervisor's office, but don't despair if this doesn't materialize, there is plenty to do with your time.

The diving village may be sparsely occupied, but you can always buy a hand carved nose clip and hand made oyster collection bag and visit the "medicine woman" and view her multiple bags of herbs.

On the opposite side of the creek you'll enjoy the spice souq with it's aggressive young salesmen and flip out over the ancient cargo vessels that look like they are out of the movie, "Treasure Island" making it seem like peg leg Pete will appear at any moment on deck.

Enjoy Kari's photos of Burj Dubai tower, the tallest building in the world opening in January 2010. Dubai is one of those curious places which is developing maybe a little too fast, or at least trying to do so...still old world charm awaits you in various places that won't disappoint.

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