Duane, Mikes Big brother

by Duane A. Ose
(Fairbanks, Alaska)

The Redwood Police department should know that Mike was turned down by me, for going to work for me. ( Wood Lake Concrete Service Ink.) It was not a easy thing to turn down a brother. If I hadn't, he may have taken over for me when I became disabled in 1977 and my boys and Carol might have been working for my brother today.

We had a long talk, Mike and I, and thought it best he apply for the police force of the City of Redwood Falls.

Mike made the right choice, and so did the City of Redwood Falls for hiring him.

Love you, My Brother, Duane

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Jun 13, 2009
I never knew
by: Kari

Duane, I never knew that Mike thought about working for you and your cement company. It sounds like God was leading with encouraging him to apply in Redwood Falls for police work. Police work suited him perfectly as the hundreds of visitors to the memorial service show. He made sooo many friends and it seemed that each one had a personal experience with Mike...not just chatty friends, but real "do things together" kind of friends. How did he remember and know so many people? It really baffles me.

One friend said, "Mike was a great peace keeper and there can be a big difference between being a police office and being a peace keeper."

He must have really gotten around, even after moving out to Mom's farm. So many said, "I just saw him 2 days ago...."

We will really miss him.

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