Duane A. Ose , Brother age 67 Fed. Homesteader, AK.

by Duane
(Center of Alaska)

Mt. McKinley -- View from my Alaska Home

Mt. McKinley -- View from my Alaska Home

I, Duane Ose , was once the "Scout Master" for Troop 217, for Wood Lake area, Mn. During a big weekend event Mike assisted me at Hawk Creek, in Renville Co., with 16 scouts. During that time, my brother, Mike, saved a Scout from drowning. I confess now we kept it quiet, not wanting to scare the parents. Michael, never received credit for saving the Scout's life . I apologize Mike. You are a hero and always will be. Ask any Wood Lake Scout, for the life saved, that day. The secret is now been told. Sorry my brother. Much love, Duane

On a lighter side, this happened during our youth, Mike being 9 years younger then I. Our parents were off somewhere, and I left Mike with a verbal message to pass on to Mom and Dad, that I went to the rocks or the valley to overnight camp by myself and our dog Ike (named for our then President).

You guessed it. Mike, failed to pass on the message. That night high up over looking the area, by a warm camp fire and my dog, Ike, I began to see a lot of headlights streaming down the road. I thought, "Where's the party?" After some time watching this and hearing honking horns, I made my way to the road and stopped a car to ask, "What's all the fuss?" It was Mr. and Mrs. Leo Worscher, nearby farmers. They were so very glad to see me. Seems the whole town of Echo was looking for me. Mom and Dad didn't know whether to love me or spank me. But I did have words with Mike.

I will always love my brother.

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May 04, 2012
Best way to locate Duane & Rena
by: Kari


Thanks for the comment for Duane & Rena. The best way to connect with them is on Face Book. Search for Duane Arthur Ose Fairbanks, Alaska and you'll be able to connect with him.

God bless, Kari (Duane's sister)

Jan 27, 2012
rough woods inn
by: john and june boer

Enjoyed your visit in alaska on july 4, 2011 in nenana. We had a late linch there and you give us your email,but couldnt bring it up on computer. Hope you remember us;-) that is an awesome cabin you built. Wood love to read that article or book about it. Thank you for giving us a true part of.alaska. John and june boer

Jun 10, 2009
Another act of heroism
by: Kari

We heard another act of Mike's heroism at the funeral when the mayor of Redwood Falls shared how Mike had entered a burning building and removed all the people in it before leaving himself.

It was very touching when the mayor asked the grandchildren to help him present an American flag to Susie.

Jun 08, 2009
Amazing Memory
by: Your Daughter

Thank you Dad for your amazing stories, You are truly blessed to be able to remember so many things from long long ago. Thank you for sharing and if you remember more please share them.

Uncle Mike was a rock in our family, always there and always so giving of himself. I will miss his smiling face and chuckle filled with happiness.

The last time he and I spent time together was having breakfast with you and Rena in Willmar at the Perkins. I'm glad for being able to be with you and sitting by is side.

Jun 07, 2009
Mike would understand
by: Kari

Duane, Mike would understand about not making his rescue public knowledge. Remember how he didn't like to brag about himself or tell of his many brave experiences.

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