Do you Metro Transit Express, Much?

by Diane V.

Kari, my sister and myself couldn't stop laughing over our mishaps from our ride on the bus to the downtown Nicollet Mall and then on to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo and return trip home.

Since I hadn't taken the bus for years I thought it best to plan ahead and so I did. Prepared with copies of schedules and maps in hand we were ready for the challenge. When we saw the bus our anxiousness went into action and we approached the bus with a rapid stride. Just then I tripped and fell forward onto the sidewalk like I was an old elm tree falling to the ground and all I needed was someone to yell "timber". I scrambled up amazingly fast and discovered I could still move. We got on the bus.

Our return bus ride itself went well but since this whole bus thing was new to me and I am not a bus traveler I was not aware of the protocol of the bus. Well, being a little anxious to do the right thing, we obviously did the wrong thing.

We were sitting in back of the bus and when the location was announced we got up and went towards the front of the bus to be sure to get off at our stop. It seemed nobody was standing up to move. Little did we know that the whole bus empties out at this location and of course you are to start from the front and the people in the back are last. Since a young woman told me of this mistake it became obvious that was not a good sign.

We proceeded onto the the front in due fashion and knowing the necessity of having the $3.00 fare ready and not to slow anyone down, I nervously put the $3.00 bills in all at the same time. The bus driver says "OH! No, No, No." "It's one at a time. I'll take care of it", with a funny smile on his face. So when my sister was about to put her fare in the meter, the bus driver matter of factly reminded her, "IT'S ONE AT A TIME".

I stepped outside the bus and turned to see my sister getting off the bus and suddenly she tripped and was beginning to fall towards me. Remembering the last scenario when I fell going towards the bus, my thoughts immediately were "OH! NO! NOT AGAIN!" I caught her and she remained on her feet.

Well, to say the least, this has been a good experience for us. I am glad my sister, Kari and I could take this trip into the cities together. It was fun, we laughed a lot, saw inspiring things, and made good memories. Memories that will last a lifetime. As prepared as we were with our schedules and maps, next time we will be more relaxed and ready......

Ride the Bus,
Diane V.

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