Combining in Romania

Yes, seeing this older combine combining in Romania brought back pleasant memories of my childhood in rural Echo, Minnesota. My dad had a combine similar to this one.

combining in romania
Combining in Romania

And my mom would drive an old truck alongside just like they do naturally I had to snap a quick photo as our train whizzed by, right? I love the primary color scheme in this photo by the way...

My grandfather, Knute Ose, who lived before the days of combines and worked on many a thrashing machine, invented a combine. Yup, he really did. He even made small scale wooden models of his idea. He presented it to the CASE company and they liked it so much they offered to trade a new thrashing machine for his idea. the story goes, my grandfather naturally had higher hopes than simply a new thrashing machine, so turned their offer down. And you can guess what happened. The idea was used anyway...and soon combines appeared in the CASE assembly lines. Maybe it was an idea whose time had come and others also were thinking of the idea. I don't know, but I do know that grandma, Hannah Ose, wished he'd taken the new thrashing machine. I guess sometimes it's best to listen to grandma.

I don't doubt this old family story, simply because I have a good friend and old classmate who works for development at John Deere Company and he said they get most of their new ideas from farmers.

I couldn't believe the enormous sunflower fields in Romania and I loved how the heads of the flowers obligingly turned their heads to the sun....but that's another story and photo.

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