Colombian Boys Farm

Sarah volunteers at a Colombian Boys Farm...

"Changing the world,
one onion
one hug
at at time."

Sarah in Colombia working in garden
Sarah in Colombian Garden

My most significant, impacting, and fun endeavor I have done is happening right now, in San Pedro, Colombia, living on a farm with thirty boys between the ages of nine and seventeen, every one of whom used to live on the streets in Medellin, Colombia.

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Colombia boys & Sarah
Colombians & Sarah

I am volunteering to work with the thirty boys, the nine gardens, and the thirty-six dairy cows that are here on the farm.

Sarah working in Colombia
Sarah Working in Colombia

I knew about this place because my soon to be sister-in-law lived in Medellin for one year working with the Open Arms Foundation (OAF).

Sarah in Colombia with Boys
Sarah & Boys

The Open Arms Foundation works with kids living on the streets in Medellin, Colombia.

Colombian boys & Sarah
Colombian & Sarah

While the boys are here at the farm they get job training in various areas such as gardening, carpentry, cooking, and dairy production. They go to school and have chores they have to do every day such as washing clothes, washing dishes, and sweeping the floor.

Colombian boy & Sarah
Colombian Boy & Sarah

My experience here has also given me the opportunity to practice my Spanish.

Sarah on boys farm
Sarah on Colombian Farm
Almost every day I have spent at the farm I have worked in the gardens and milked the cows.

Colombia boys & Sarah
Colombia Boys & Sarah

I love that I am here in Colombia applying what I learned in a little college in Iowa to help change the world one onion and one hug at a time.

Colombia boy & Sarah
Colombia Boy & Sarah

Every day I laugh, talk, play, and work with these boys.

Colombia View
Colombian View

More photos of Sarah helping Colombian boys.

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