Burned Car Slideshow
Escaped & Safe

A burned car is no joke! If you ever see fire in your engine--Get Out! And get out quickly! See what can happen to a burning car in a matter of minutes before help arrives.

Kari's Slideshow of "After" Photos

Several months ago on our way home from church we saw huge flames on the highway ahead with road blocks stopping our path. We had to go the remaining 1.5 miles to our farm home another way. I quickly got our camera and went back to the scene. This is what I saw: Incredible destruction of a once workable vehicle.

These folks were lucky and very grateful. They had escaped their car the moment they saw flames coming from their engine.

Don't hesitate the slighted moment if that ever happens to you. Get out and get out quickly.

The scary part is that this car had just been serviced! Yes, it should have been working properly, not malfunctioning.

I was totally stunned at how extensive this fire damage was. Even the tires were melted.

Happy background music? Yes! Because this family was still alive and safe outside of their burning car.

Jim Sell from Sell's used car picked up what was left of the car and towed it away. They are not the ones who had just serviced this car. We often take our vehicles to Sell's auto repair and have always found them very reliable.

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