Keleti Budapest Train Station Video

The Keleti Budapest train station bustles with activity all hours of the day...well, except maybe at 5AM...then it's pretty quiet.

Video of train station activity

It's the kind of building out of a movie and actually, this building has been in several movies. I'm not surprised. It's gorgeous, gigantic and retains it's authentic historic flare. In the back side where international train tickets are purchased, one can still read signs in Russian from the days most locals don't like remembering or even discussing.

Hurrying people, bags, quick bites to eat, people trying to find comfortable ways to wait by sitting on bags or leaning on rails, lovers talking, children playing, families surrounded by piles of luggage. male loud speaker voice announcing trains...such are the common everyday scenes at Keleti in Budapest.

Mark and I first laid eyes on Keleti as we walked toward the outer parts of Budapest. Keleti is an impressive, massive piece of architecture which rises like a huge monolith before ones eyes. I'm thrilled to say it is kept more original than most structures of its era. Yes, there are places which badly need repair. I hope they don't succumb to endless modernizing and ruin the beauty once they get around to patching things up.

In the international ticket buying section, which is definitely good atmosphere for an old train movie, scaffolding holds up a makeshift ceiling, making one wonder what's above and how long the scaffolding will actually keep it there.

Enjoy my video. I left off any music for parts of it so the normal train station noises could be heard.

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