Brian-Fellow History Nut - Friend of Mike Ose

by Brian Sams
(Redwood Falls, MN, USA)

I knew Mike for about 30 years plus, and spent many hours with him as a co-worker, a fellow history buff, and most importantly, as a friend.

Mike touched my life in more ways than I could put in writing, but let's just say they were as numerous as that silly smile Mike wore on so many occasions.

As my wife Darla and I were leaving our property near Leech Lake to return to Redwood Falls for the visitation and funeral, a huge, mature, Bald Eagle flew right in front of us. There must have been something there, because the following poem was the end result. I hope all of the family members that are interested will have a chance to read it. I also hope that it helps others deal with how they are feeling after the loss we have all just suffered.

Eagle's Flight

Today I saw, an Eagle in flight;
It served as a reminder, of a friend who had died.

He darted in front of me, so close I could see;
The color of his eyes, and the talons on his feet.

He appeared as out of nowhere, and as suddenly he was gone;
That sickness in my heart, became evenly as strong.

Was this Eagle a messenger, sent only for me;
Or had he flown around the country, for others to see.

Whatever the reason, this bird made me think;
That there really was no reason, for my heart to sink.

As the mist cleared my eyes, and brought improvement to my sight;
Suddenly he reappeared, much higher in flight.

This time he looked different, he seemed wiser, and free;
The white on his body, for miles I could see.

As he soared in giant circles, above me in the blue;
It reminded me of a lesson, which has always been true.

Our creator put us here, for only a short time;
Not to do what is our will, but for the purpose he finds.

He made us out of ashes, and a handful of dust;
And return to these components, we all know we must.

Much like this majestic Eagle, we can soar into the sky;
We can trust in the Lord's salvation, and never will we die.

We must fight the good fight, while here on this earth;
Travel the full circle, and be given new birth.

As I thought about my friend, and others that I have loved;
The Eagle disappeared, into the heavens up above.

Perhaps this really was, my friend who had died;
Transfigured as an Eagle, joining God at his side.

I feel blessed to have known, many "Eagles" in my life;
And I hope to someday join them, in the blue of the sky.

B. Sams
Dedicated to my friend, Chief Mike Ose, RFPD
Rest in peace my friend, fly free.

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Aug 03, 2009
Thank you
by: Daughter Jessica

Brian thank you for your nice words about my father and your friendship. It is nice to hear these things during our long time of sorrow. Your family has been very kind. Thanks Again and God bless you.

Jun 12, 2009
His Sister Thanks you
by: Diane Volkmann

Thank You Brian Sams for that beautiful poem and for being Mike's friend for such a long time and going through so much together. The eagle represents the hereafter to me and gives me hope for the future. I appreciate so much all your kind words and friendships of so many.

Jun 12, 2009
by: Kari


Thank you for that beautiful, heartfelt poem. It is so fitting as a memorial to Mike.

Thank you too for being such a good friend of Mike' have all made his life very full & rich.

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