Blume Family Friends from Switzerland

Werner & Erika Blume Family with the Andersons

Werner & Erika Blume Family with the Andersons

The Blume family will always hold a special place in the hearts of us Andersons. Years ago, Erika, as a young single woman was brave enough to be a nanny for our youngest three children, Andrew, Ethan, and baby Anna.

She lived with us in our big, old (and cold) Victorian home on 9th street for the six months when we desperately needed her help because, I, Kari, had returned to the university scene to become a certified public school teacher so I could legally and without hassles teach my own children in our home.

Home schooling was not as acceptable in Iowa "back then"...people were going to jail and having to endure nasty court cases. Mark and I wanted to avoid all that and decided the easiest route was for me to go "back to school" and get certified here in Iowa for teaching.

I'll never forget meeting Erika at the airport. We spotted her because of her red and white Swiss flag. She was a spunky as Marie in the "Sound of Music" and she had some spunky kids to deal with as well. Andrew especially tried her to the bone and would often kick her under the table.

Erika became very bonded with the kids and us. Even though Anna was only six months old when she came, the bond between Erika and Anna still today is a site to behold.

Erika was so "tough" and determined to work hard. One time she was very sick and never took a break or even a nap. She said, "Swiss girls don't get sick!" And keep on plowing her way through daily child care and other chores.

We are forever indebted to Erika. our "Swiss Miss" and love knowing her husband, Werner, and their children, Matthias, Lilia and Jasmine.

Here is a photo from one of their visits to our farm.

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