Bangkok Christian Guest House Offers Safe, Pleasant Accomodations Near to Shopping Areas

Because the Bangkok Christian Guest House is so well-known it's a great place to meet students and travelers from all over the world.

I met Ted and Casey, originally from Georgia, at that time studying in China. Andrew, a musician and mental health professor from England and I enjoyed two breakfasts together. His wife, Chris, was also there to share her stories about traveling in India.I met a doctor from Germany as he was en-route to medical meetings in the south of Thailand.

Joyce and her friend Ruth had given their lives to serve as teachers in Bangladesh. Joyce had been there 32 years and Ruth 22.

Phillip and Helen Stanley, my mentors for this trip first stayed in the Bangkok Guest House about 20 years ago.

What does the Christian Guest House cost? Not that much, but they don't give it away either. I stayed for about 20 US dollars for a private room.

How do you find the Christian Guest House in Bangkok? We took a taxi from the Bangkok International Airport. Give the taxi driver the address and tell him it's near Robinson's Department Store (a large Western style department store) and the Dusit-thani Hotel.

Do you need to be a Christian to stay at the Bangkok Christian Guest House? No, but you should make reservations. The place enjoys benefits as a result of the Judeo-Christian ethic, e.g. cleanliness, honesty, helpfulness, but no one came up to witness to me.

All in all the place is a pleasant and amenable stop in an otherwise humongous and unfamiliar city.

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