Torches of Fire in Bahrain Mall

The Bahrain Mall, just across the street from the International Hostel where I stayed, provided needed relaxation after busy days of pearl research.

Torches of fire in this size and dimension impressed the Iowan in me. The non-flammable fire also impressed me. Hey, we could do this for effect sometime, someplace. It's amazing what atmosphere a little fabric, light and wind can produce.

Bahrain is such a small country one normally refers to being in the country, Bahrain, rather than in the city, Manama, which is the capital and largest city.

A kind, talkative, eager taxi cab driver volunteered (at my expense) to give me the grand Bahrain tour one afternoon. I looked at the map and all the interesting sites spread out over Bahrain and thought to myself, I could never see all of these because they are so far away. Well....they weren't far away at all. Bahrain is minuscule. We easily saw most everything I wanted to see and then he added some things he wanted me to see. I had to call a halt to this excursion...I became desperately worried about my pocketbook.

He was true to his word..."You can pay what you want. I am just happy to show you around." Believer or not, he meant this. I gave him a fair amount, but did not feel I needed to pay for the miles for all the extra sites he showed me without my request.

He was happy. I knew this when several days later he greeted me at the local taxi stand with a big smile and many warm wishes. It paid to be kind and least the local taxi cab drivers were glad to see me! (I also gave them a lot of business!)

A parking lot is on the lower level of Bahrain mall....a good solution to parking problems. Wandering the mall gives one a good idea of local and tourist (mostly Saudis) flavor.

Shopping in the back streets of Manama, Bahrain after Bahrain mall.
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