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Experience Bahrain culture and read current news items. Even though this kingdom is minuscule (only 20 miles X 40 miles), it's a "happening" place.

Sheikh Isa Bin Sulman Causeway Manama, Al Manamah, Bahrain
Sheikh Isa Bin Sulman Causeway Manama, Al Manamah, Bahrain

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I always feel so very privileged whenever I enter a new country, or kingdom in this case. I'm honored that God deems me worthy to be "sent" to so many places.

I entered Bahrain via Kuwait and the plane was full of Bahrainis...they were a slap-happy, fun loving group. Much chattering and laughing could be heard in the waiting room and on the plane. It was refreshing. These are not your ordinary boring keep-to-themselves business travelers. They enjoy life and one another's I said, it was refreshing, sort of like being back in Minnesota where people actually talk to one another even if they are strangers.

Enjoy these current news feeds about Bahrain.


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See Bahrain culture and a video of neat burning torches at the Bahrain Mall.

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