Azerbaijan -- Share Your Experiences

Azerbaijan...quite an interesting place. We'd love to read about your experiences.

I'm sure Baku has changed a lot since the time I was there. When I spent time there is was still obviously emerging from the days of communism. Things were still a bit gray, dingy and sullen. I hope things are more perky, bright and optimistic these days.

During my visit Baku had a distinct "Russian" feel to it with lots of fur coats and Russian fur hats. If not fur, then leather (in black) was the chosen covering for warmth.

Slow walking arm in arm along the common boulevards was the chosen weekend entertainment for many.

There was also a feeling of "No, we're no longer a part of communist Russia, but we are still very much trapped here."

Enjoy my experience at a TV station birthday party in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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