Aspen Villas Geothermal Home Heating Cooling Systems

Aspen Villas geothermal home heating cooling systems -- here are some photos of the current systems that are already installed in the Aspen Villa Homes in Muscatine, Iowa.


This energy efficient way of heating and cooling is becoming increasingly popular in Iowa and across our nation.

Geothermal Broan Fresh Air Systems
GeoThermal Broan Fresh Air Systems

Even large corporations are making the switch to geothermal and you know if they can save money using it, so will the individual homeowner.

Geothermal Connections
GeoThermal Connections

As John Root, the energy services adviser for Muscatine Power and Water, explained to us..."heat seeks cold." Using this basic principle, technology, and three main components, heat from under the earth's frost line can be captured and utilized efficiently for geothermal home heating cooling systems.

Geothermal Heat Pump Connections
GeoThermal Heat Pump Connections

Extra heat can easily heat your water supply...and we all like hot water, right? Why pay extra for water heating when the geothermal systems can take care of most of it for you?

Geothermal Furnace
GeoThermal Furnace

Geothermal Heating
GeoThermal Heating

THe photos on this page are the actual geothermal home heating and cooling systems that are installed in the Aspen Villa community of homes.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling
GeoThermal Heating and Cooling

Now, watch an informative video explaining geothermal home heating cooling systems.

Learn about geothermal ground connections.

See diagrams of geo heating and cooling.

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Geothermal Info and Items

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