Andrew with Opaque Projector

Andrew and Opaque Projector

Andrew and Opaque Projector

Here Andrew is working on enlarging a ball pattern to giant size proportions. Yes, he made an inflatable ball that was large enough for a human being to get inside and roll around.

This vintage opaque projector that we have an attachment to has finally come in handy for some useful purpose.

Mom bought it years ago at an old school auction. The same auction where she bought our huge industrial sink with three huge, deep sinks....which are HARDLY ever filled with dirty dishes, right?

Andrew hardly ever sits still...only when he's thinking of some new out-of-the-world project...mostly, he's up and at it, molding, or sewing or somehow creating a fantastic invention that we all marvel at and enjoy.

Where oh Where Has Andrew Gone?

Andrew's 5 year Istanbul adventure.

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