Andrew & His Motorcycle

Andrew and His Cycle

Andrew and His Cycle

Here Andrew gets ready to speed away back to his apartment in Iowa City on his cycle. We love it that he doesn't live so far away anymore as he once did...well, for five years, that is. He lived in Istanbul and worked there, so it was fun to visit him, but now we get to see him much more often and we like that.

Andrew is always doing some very creative and often dangerous project that keeps us all interested and on our toes.

This was also the last time I saw Andrew with his long blond hair. This was the day he took the giant leap and had it all cut off. It surprised us all!

See where Andrew has traveled.

Andrew's 5 years in Istanbul.

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Motorcycle freedom
by: Diane V.

Hi Andrew, The motorcycle looks like it would be a lot of fun and take you places where you never went before, besides the practical side of saving
gas I guess. It always seemed to me that a motorcycle gives you freedom to ride. Love You.

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