Aerial View of Anderwood taken by Sarah

Aerial View of Anderwood taken by Sarah

Our fun, magical farm, Anderwood, where we live, like no place on earth. Aerial view taken by Sarah.

John, our young army lieutenant, named our farm from our last name, Anderson, and the road we live on, Underwood. John is an expert at thinking up creative names. We all agreed it was the best choice. Not everyone names their house or farm, but we thought it was a good idea. Large country homes have names, so we decided to name ours as well.

The "wood" part is developing slowly as our trees planted upon our arrival are growing nicely. Of course, the pasture is rich in trees, especially since we no longer pasture large livestock there, only sheep, who are much kinder to small hickory and oak trees than large livestock.

One can only see a couple of large oak trees in this aerial photo, but the pasture is amply supplied with large trees.

We did regret that one huge oak tree next to our pond (also not shown in above photo) died from overexposure to water. Matt took up the mantle one day to fell the tree and recruited Andrew's help. I was impressed at their swiftness and accurateness at felling that huge tree. It will heat us for many a night during the cold blasting winter days.

Some of the large branches found their way into the pond. This week, Anna & Sarah were able to remove two of them.

Anderwood is a miracle farm. I need to write a book about how God gave us this amazing place. He blessed us beyond our highest dreams or hopes. Yes, we are a blessed people. God is good and we thank Him for it.

Not only the farm acquisition is a miracle, but the house that Mark & the boys built. Not everyone gets to live in, manage and clean a house that is literally bigger than a barn, as seen in the photo.

This is debt free living at its finest and I don't say that to brag, but to praise God who gave us the wisdom and mercy to get to this point.

I invite family and friends to enjoy and use Anderwood's many "party places" for their pleasure. Others that we aren't acquainted with are welcome to consider renting some of our facilities.

We have the "Hog House Slab" for outdoor dinner parties and cookouts. The Iowa landscape view is breathtaking. The "Hog House" for intimate canopied dining. We've let the elm trees grow among the old hog house foundation making a very cozy and sheltered private place. It reminds me of what used to the "Tavern on the Green" in Central Park, NYC.

The "Green House" for dining and lounging which combines nicely with lawn games. It's equipped with white wicker for conversation ambiance. Share your private dreams with friends while watching the baby lambs romp in the green grass. For intimate friendship eating there's a round table, and a long table for buffet dining plus a biogas generator for in house cooking. Help yourself to the in season veggies growing along the west side and find lots of setting on the bleachers on the east side.

Beach and bonfire area by the two acre pond, many park benches & gardens, outdoor dining in the "Patio", and picnics in the pasture are a few more possible places to explore at Anderwood.

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