AnderWood GreenHouse

AnderWood GreenHouse & Turkish Friends

AnderWood GreenHouse & Turkish Friends

We are thrilled that our lovely greenhouse has been taken out of storage in our barn and is now up, ready for growing things and entertaining.

Gary Lange & wife, Mary, gifted this greenhouse to us when they replaced it with a more modern structure. It covered their swimming pool and was attached to their house. After they purchased it, used, they remodeled it and added the glass windows on both ends. It makes it into a wonderful, bright and airy place, perfect for growing things and entertaining.

Thanks, Samuel, Matthew, John, Andrew, Ethan, Sarah and Mark!

Our Turkish friends helped us enjoy it for our first "Greenhouse Meal" of AnderWood Lamb.

Our three new Turkish friends won my heart, first of all when they brought the lovely white chrysanthemums and a bottle of wine, and then when during the meal they said to me, "You now have three more houses in Turkey!" Wow...I am blessed!

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Dinner in the Chandelier Greenhouse
by: Diane V.

I can't wait to come and have dinner with you in the greenhouse. Will it be a formal occassion?

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