AnderWood GreenHouse Ready, Set, Go!

by Kari
(Muscatine, Iowa)

AnderWood GreenHouse, Ready, Set, Go!

AnderWood GreenHouse, Ready, Set, Go!

Finally, the AnderWood GreenHouse gets dusted off after being stored in our barn for five or so years and is being put up.

Part of our delay derived from a lack of concensus as to the future location. Mom thought it would be used most if it was somehow connected to the house, which posed several unworkable problems, like blocking window light, hampering our Norman Rockwell views of the Iowa countryside, etc.

Dad knew it needed somewhat of a flat surface and Andrew, of course, thought of aesthetics, placement, etc, etc, etc.

Finally, after all the votes were "in"...Dad made a decision....great leader that he is.

We're all pleased and can't even remember what our own suggestions were any more.

See photo of the inside at our first AnderWood Lamb Supper where we served our three new Turkish friends that Andrew ran into in Iowa City and scared out of their wits by speaking to them in Turkish.

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