Adoras Shop

Adoras shop holds memories for the entire Ose family. Kari's mother, Adora, has a charming little shop on her farm near Echo. This little lady bug shaped shop used to be for upholstering furniture, but now is Adora's hideout far from the maddening crowd.

I remember helping mom after school to finish up some upholstering job. She was a popular stop for the neighbors and for folks far away...whoever loved their furniture and wanted it recovered to be like new.

Mom taught herself to reupholster and her skill at it soon became apparent as her friends started recommending friends and friends of friends. She quickly became an expert and outgrew the basement in our home. She always had business.

She would pass on some of the easier jobs to me like maybe a pillow or simple slipcover.

I was always amazed at how she could heft these heavy pieces of furniture to various positions all by herself.

Her shop was purchased at a nearby farm auction and hauled home by dad on a trailer. A foundation was poured inside and out with the outside sidewalk getting jack-in-the-pulpit leaf impressions in them. Then paneling, electricity, and paint were added making it a very cozy place to work and visit.

Mom bartered with a friend trading upholstering for rosemaling, a traditional Norwegian rose painting, on the beams. This makes mom's shop unique and a rare treasure indeed. The artist signed her name with "Very hot!" beside it.

Also following the Norwegian tradition, sometime mom calls her shop her hytte, which is a little cabin Norwegians have in the mountains....sort of a vacation home. These used to be nicely primitive, but now, since Norway has "fallen into good times" modern conveniences are usually added.

This same artist decorated a china hutch which sits near the back of the hytte. You can see it somewhat in the video.

My brother, Mike, has used two antique mirrored doors and made a magnificent wardrobe for her. You can see that in the video, but I'm afraid the lighting was not good, so it's hard to fully grasp its beauty.

Everything has a story in this shop. Each and every item in Adoras shop has a memory or adventure behind it. That's mom...full of adventure and stories. She is the real treasure!

See Adora's red hat party after Adoras Shop.

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