Adora's Good Friend, Erma Iverson, Kept Safe by Her Dog

Adora's Good Friend, Erma Iverson, Kept Safe by Her Dog

Erma Iverson says she has lots to be thankful for after spending about 20 hours stranded and helpless outside her rural Yellow Medicine County home on a late September day and night.

The 79-year-old woman’s first thanks go to her dog, Crackers, for keeping at bay coyotes and raccoons through the long night of her ordeal.

Her next thanks go out to postal carrier Stan Boushek, who discovered her and called for help.

Iverson spent nine days in the hospital recovering from her ordeal, and said nurses told her: “A couple more hours and I wouldn’t be here.’’

Iverson, who was reached recently by phone at her daughter’s home in Arizona, has playfully penned a story of her ordeal under the heading “Camping with Crackers.’’

Her unexpected camping trip started on a warm afternoon Sept. 26. She lives on a country road along the Minnesota River in the vicinity of the Rock Valle Lutheran Church. There are six, widely-spaced homes along the road, none within easy eyesight or earshot of the other.

Accompanied by her companion Crackers, Iverson intended to walk about one-third of a mile across the road to visit her sister.

Bending down to pick up some branches, she fell and was unable to get back up, no matter how hard she tried. She takes medication for Parkinson’s Disease. She was about 20 feet from the road and the same distance from her home.

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