John Anderson - Why I am Republican

Why I am Republican, explained in detailed insight by John Anderson.

In case you've ever wondered why I am who I am- A Conservative Republican- this page may be of interest to you...

This also might be of interest to anyone currently seeking a good reason to switch over to the Light.

Or if already posses the Light, these following reasons might be good justification for your beliefs.

Many of us believe something-- even if we don't know why. No more. Read on...

My friends and I in Sonsonate, El Salvador.

Why John Anderson is a Republican-My reasons are many, but generally speaking, my beliefs fall into three categories:

Why I am Republican Reason Number 1: Moral Values
I. Pro-Life Issues

a) Abortion
b) End of Life Issues

II. Beliefs on Homosexuality

a) Homosexual Marraige, Justification/Legality of

Reason Number 2: Economic Principles

I. Views on Taxes
II. Minimum Wage

Why I am Republican Reason Number 3: Foreign Policy
I. United States involvement with Foregin Affairs

II. War on Terrorism

a) Leading the global effort of peace and security
b) Free Iraq
c) Free Afghanistan

III. Support of the Holy Land of Israel


Reason One: Moral Values

I. I am Pro-Life. I feel that it is Evil and Wrong, to strap a 17-year-old girl to a table, commit atrocious acts of violating procedures, to penetrate her womb, the inner most chamber of utter peace and serinity, and butcher her beautiful little girl or boy.

I can think of nothing more wicked, more evil that the butcher of innocent children, who haven't even had the chance at life.

Life is a beautiful thing.

Nothing known to mankind is worse than the distruction of innocent life.

Nothing more evil or devastating has ever occured to our Nation of the United States, than this current and ongoing American holocaust.

Over 40 Million of my countrymen have been massacred.

The curdling blood of these children stain the hands of the American people.


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Civil Rights for the UNBORN!

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