Welcome to Planet Earth

Welcome to planet earth! No matter if you are a distant traveler from other areas of the universe, or just a curious resident of our planet, you may find it interesting to study up on Earth. A Great Place to Breath!

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Planet Earth, originally founded several thousands of Earth-Years ago by our creator as a place for his little companions (us) to live, the planet has seen many changes and happenings, both great and small.

We Earthlings have a long and rich history of Life. We have suffered great famines and wars, and also amazing times of peace and abundance. Throughout the centuries, Humanity has loved, as well as hated one another.

Earth is an incredibly diverse place. In certain regions of our planet, the feelings brought to our senses are very cold. In others, our senses tell us that things are indeed very warm.

Earth is round, like a baseball, or globe. A few smart people, a long, long time ago, came up with clever ways to divide our giant ball into sections.

First of all, let's get familiar with DIRECTIONS.

North (Which is generally seen viewed as UP, in all locations of the earth except the North Pole.)

South (Which is generally seen as DOWN in all locations except the the South Pole.)

East (To the RIGHT, when facing North)

West (To the LEFT, when facing North)

We also have lines to help us figure things out: Lines that that run both horizontal (sideways) and perpendicular (up and down) these lines are those of "latitude" (sideways) and "longitude" (up and down.)

An easy way to remember the difference is to think that that lines of latitude run LATerally, while LONGitude runs the LONG way around the earth. Just that simple!

It was a clever idea to come up with latitude and longitude. This way, we can cut up the globe into sections. The major ones are as follows:

The Northern Hemisphere is the area of the earth that is north of the main line of latitude known as the EQUATOR.

The Southern Hemisphere is the area of the earth than is south of the equator. It's like slicing the earth into to halves (north and south).

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