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View of Istanbul from the Bosporus

I, Andrew, traveled from Istanbul, the historic capitol of the Ottoman Empire, to Antakya or ancient Antioch down near the Syrian boarder, and back again perhaps 25 times during my stay in Turkey. In between, I worked in cities such at Ankara, capitol of modern day Turkey, and the coastal Izmir, the most modern of Turkish cities.

In 2005, I came back to the US with almost 50,000 photos, a big copper pot, and an annoying tendency to stand too close to people when talking with them. My sense of personally space finally readjusted, and the copper pot sits in the corner of my apartment, but most of my photos I have shown to only a few people. I hope you feel like a special guest at a private showing of my favorite photos and stories from Turkey that I plan on sharing on these pages.

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